Risk Management Benefits

See how we have helped other clients save money and reduce risk.

Risk comes in all forms. It is found in the type of contract chosen, the language within the contract; the terms and conditions to proposals, when the project starts, the decision on what contractor to award, the project delivery method and even in the team we partner with. Our team constructively reviews the potential risks in each phase and uses our resources to their fullest in mitigating risks to you and the project.

How can your team mitigate risk and better be situated for success by engaging with a seasoned Project Management professional?

If your team has several experiences with design + construction projects, you’ll know there is a high chance of risk at each phase of the project. Overlooked risks can have substantial impacts on the project cost, quality, schedule and even on your firm’s integrity. Our team is experienced in successfully navigating large capital projects and mitigating risk.

Areas of risk we actively analyze and provide recommendation to your team are:

  • Project Delivery Method Recommendation: (Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management at risk, Multi-Prime) Each delivery method has benefits, impacts and risks. Your project type, delivery schedule and involvement will all have key impacts on the right model to choose.
  • Contract Risk Mitigation: Choosing the right contract and ensuring your terms and conditions mitigate risk are critical to setting the deliverable expectations from the beginning. Project Management will provide review, analysis and history experiences that help your team to make confident decisions. Consultant Partnership: Each potential consultant should thoroughly be interviewed to ensure they meet your project qualification needs. Our team will provide structured request for proposals, interviews and recommendations.
  • Budget Analysis: Inclusion of all project scope and consultant fees is paramount to a budget’s accuracy. Working with your team, we will provide a budget metrics to base your project needs with industry intel.
  • Schedule Analysis: With multiple consultants and contractors engaged with a project, schedules can easily be extended or sequenced incorrectly. As your single point of contact, we will work to reduce schedule durations, sequence appropriately and keep teams accountable to meeting final delivery. Being intentional in the planning stages can save your project costs, damages and valuable time. We encourage your team to call and get started on evaluating your projects’ criteria to mitigating project risks.


See what others have said about us.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Derek on a number of projects, some with very challenging budgets and schedules. Derek impressed me early on, not only with his professionalism and sincere willingness to work as a team, but also with his knowledge base and overall work ethic. Our projects ran smoothly despite significant obstacles, in large part due to Derek's attention to detail, follow up and follow through. He knows his craft and continually works to improve the process. Derek's construction management skills will provide value to any project team!"

Daniela Fitzgerald
Principal at Fitzgerald Architecture Planning Design

"I was introduced by a friend to Derek when I had voiced I needed help managing our office planning and build in Nashville - when I was stuck in the UK because of COVID. We got on immediately and he understood the difficulties and the project. Even though it is a 10,000 SF project he definitely gave it his all - and his attention to detail and thoroughness means he literally left no stone unturned in either efficiency of the product or the cost of it. Nothing is too much for him and he readily offers advice and wisdom. I recommend him for projects small and large - and look forward to working with him in the future."

Walter Womersley
COO and Chief Risk Officer, Investments at Smart Pension