See how we have helped other clients save money and reduce risk.

The Benefits of Project Management to Your Team

  • Provides a structured path to success
  • Sets the schedule, scope and budget from inception
  • Unites all parties to focus on 1-common goal – yours
  • Mitigates the potential to risk, added costs or an extended schedule
  • Provides accountability to all team members for accurately completing their deliverables
  • Provides counsel for contract execution, best practices and strategy
  • Allows your internal resources time back to focus on your operations success
  • Apprised notifications, reports and inclusion of project status throughout the work
  • A dedicated single point of contact to manage the project on your behalf

Financial Savings

We are intentional at every phase of the project to saving your team unnecessary spending. With your team’s partnership, we guide your project to maximize savings through contract reviews, competitive bidding; contract negotiations, value engineering and proactive engagement to each phase of the project.

Schedule Benefits

As your single point of contact, we are constantly communicating to consultants and venders what your schedule goals are. Through being present and hand’s on in the details, we find schedule opportunities that help accelerate your schedule, reduce costs or avoid internal operation issues.

Value Engineering Benefits

We strive to be problem solvers. Value engineering offers an opportunity to first analyze designed scope and proposed costs to confirm there aren’t misinformed intentions the contractor perceived. Cost, quality and longevity of the item being reviewed is our concern on each substitution. Does the alternative save your team money, does it sacrifice quality, will the schedule remain and will it sustain in time? If the answer is yes, we can look to provide more economical materials, methods, schedule and strategies to reduce the cost.

Quality Control Benefits

We are systematic in our approach to every project however we adapt to each challenge that arises. Maintaining a quality system, process and tools keeps our team efficient and able to provide repeated outcomes to our clients. Project management provides a stress reliever to your team so you can focus on your operations.

Risk Management Benefits

Risk comes in all forms. It is found in the type of contract chosen, the language within the contract; the terms and conditions to proposals, when the project starts, the decision on what contractor to award, the project delivery method and even in the team we partner with. Our team constructively reviews the potential risks in each phase and uses our resources to their fullest in mitigating risks to you and the project.