Quality Control Benefits

See how we have helped other clients save money and reduce risk.

We are systematic in our approach to every project however we adapt to each challenge that arises. Maintaining a quality system, process and tools keeps our team efficient and able to provide repeated outcomes to our clients. Project management provides a stress reliever to your team so you can focus on your operations.

Project management provides 3 qualitative benefits.

  • Communication: Engaging with a Project Manager provides a single point of contact who will interact with all stakeholders in your project. Establishing a clear understanding of scope, cost and schedule deliverables to the team is essential and requires a substantial amount of time. Our team will provide a streamlined approach for communications and will allow your team to focus on what’s important – your business operations.
  • Consultant Partnerships: Project Management provides expertise in vender & consultant engagement. Our team will provide metrics and criteria for requesting proposals, interviewing and establishing confidence in the right partnerships. Avoid contracting with a consultant that may have too many projects already engaged, who might be only a business development face to their company or may not have the right expertise in your project needs. Our team will provide a structured process that will allow you to see all criteria in making a final selection for partnership.
  • Finished Product: Avoid unsightly finishes or poor-quality craftsmanship to a finished space. Project Management sets up regular site visits to review progress, engage with the contractors and coordinates with General Contract partners for priority of action. With regular site visits our team can identify deficiencies and get the issues resolved before it impacts the schedule.

Qualitative standards and processes need to be intentional to making your project successful. Through years of experience working in design, construction and management roles – our team can add the necessary support in making sure your project produces quality results at each phase.


See what others have said about us.

"We worked with Derek on a three floor 70,000 SF project for Axiom Law when they expanded within 33 W. Monroe. The renovation of the three floors included installation of new flooring, ceiling and finishes, and upgrades to audio-visual capabilities and security. Derek was a hands-on project manager and helped the client and all vendors execute a process that led to a successful project all around. I would recommend Derek personally and professionally as a project manager to any client who enjoys detail oriented communication and quick responses."

Tony Iannessa
Founder & CEO at BIG Construction

"I had a great experience working with Derek on an office re-model project in 2019/2020, Derek was brought into the project late and wasted no time getting caught up and kept our project on track. His attention to detail, thoroughness and ability to hold all of our partners accountable to timelines and budget were key. With Derek's expertise, I was able to continue focusing on other areas of our business while having confidence our re-model was moving forward."

Keith Zlatos
Director of Finance (Chicago Region) at Comcast