Value Engineering Benefits

See how we have helped other clients save money and reduce risk.

We strive to be problem solvers. Value engineering offers an opportunity to first analyze designed scope and proposed costs to confirm there aren’t misinformed intentions the contractor perceived. Cost, quality and longevity of the item being reviewed is our concern on each substitution. Does the alternative save your team money, does it sacrifice quality, will the schedule remain and will it sustain in time? If the answer is yes, we can look to provide more economical materials, methods, schedule and strategies to reduce the cost.

Project management provides real value engineering project examples.

  • $1.4M Value Engineering – Project Management suggested repurposing existing infrastructure & program for the new design to avoid additional costs for demolition and rebuilding. Additionally, project management coordinated material, equipment and finish levels appropriate for project needs to meet Client budget.
  • $117K Value Engineering – Through contract reviews, sub-contractor alternate solutions and design substitutions, Project Management was able to provide the same scope at a reduced cost with no functional impacts to the Client’s operations.
  • $60K Value Engineering – In the process of procuring the Architecture and Engineering team for a 2nd project, Project Management noted an increased cost/square foot to the original proposal. Through breaking the costs down and coordinating with the Architecture/Engineer team, the Client was able to capture back more savings with the new contract.
  • $65K Value Engineering – Property management requested tenant sprinkler heads be turned up after demolition. Through coordinating with the code and compliance checks with the Engineer of Record, Project Management was able to confirm the sprinkler head was not a code requirement and further requested property management to allow construction team to proceed with sprinkler heads turned down. After consideration, property management allowed variance; which removed unnecessary scope and saved client costs.

These projects were managed while employed by previous companies and now an employee of Hosler Project Management.


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"Derek is a true project management pro! He’s an excellent team player and an asset to any team. Derek strongly advocates for each of his clients and will always define & maintain clear expectations to make their project a success. His experience lends him the foresight to resolve issues before they even arise. In the three years that I’ve known Derek, he’s established an extensive network of clients & consultants - all built on delivering successful projects time & again."

Kevin Chua
Senior Project Manager at BIG Construction

"I first began working with Derek …on a large-scale office buildout comprised of 70K SF in Chicago. From day one, Derek proved himself to be an invaluable partner with his experience in architecture, engineering, mechanicals and construction and project management. As a result of Derek’s efforts, the project was delivered on time and within the approved budget. Organized, accountable, professional, knowledgeable. Able to keep tasks on schedule. Able to hold vendors accountable. Able to deliver. Solid performer"

Jim Daly
Hyatt, Director, Corporate Facilities